New Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 DMZ Details

New Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 DMZ Details
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A new video released by the content creator of Call of Duty NerosCinema apparently outlined new details about Call of Duty Warzone 2, which I was able to independently verify with my own sources.

Sources have suggested that the majority of the information in the video is indeed accurate, with a few discrepancies here and there.

We won’t cover the majority of what was said in NerosCinema’s video, so we suggest you check out his video. Instead, we’ll discuss three key details; Strongholds, Warzone 2 and DMZ map and Call of Duty returning maps.

Return Cards

As mentioned in my first report last November for Modern Warfare 2 (via VGC), old maps will revert not only to the main title, but to the Warzone 2 map itself. In the Warzone 2 map, the maps have been added and expanded, as per my initial report.

Final POI names for the map itself have yet to be determined, but I can still describe a few of these maps and their locations in Warzone 2.



Highrise is located at the top right of the map as the POI “Modern City”. As expected, Modern City contains a large city with lots of skyscrapers and tall buildings, which should satisfy players who missed Verdansk from the original Warzone game.


The quarry is located at the top left of the map under the name of POI “Quarry”.



The terminal is located at the bottom right of the map under the name of POI “Airport”. It is one of three locations on the map with a large fortress.


call of duty afghan

Afgan is located towards the middle of the map, but slightly to the left as the POI “Caves”.

There are also several other POI locations that could also include more Modern Warfare 2 maps, including “Mountain Town” which is located next to the observatory in the middle of the map, which could include Fevala.

There are several other locations as well, which seem to point to a few more maps, but sources couldn’t confirm the information before this article was published.


Strongholds are something I’ve been sitting on for a while and with the latest Neroscinema video putting the Stronghold info out in the wild, I wanted to explain it a bit more.

Strongholds are located all over the map and will give players something more to do instead of just buying your loadout at a Buy Station. There are around 25-30 spread all over the map (so probably as many as the usual buy stations we’re used to).

There are also several tiers of fortresses, with three large fortresses and around 20-25 smaller fortresses scattered across the map. Strongholds are usually guarded by the AI ​​and contain objectives that you must complete to access your loadout.

Presumably, the tougher the fortress, the greater the reward. Not all points of interest have strongholds either, such as a presumably high-traffic area like Modern City which has none at all.

Fortress icon
An example of a “small” Stronghold icon (not from game).

Although Warzone 2 is still in development, Strongholds were described to me as a new dynamic element to get players to think carefully about their decisions, because once a Stronghold has been taken, no other player can enter it. to access.

If there are no fortresses available in your area, you will either have to move to the next available location or wait for the train that covers the entire map to arrive.

Warzone is no stranger to AI either, with AI first being integrated into Caldera several months ago, which was likely to gauge how the community would react to the feature.

Warzone 2 and the DMZ

Since my first report, I reported that Warzone 2 and the DMZ will have the same map, which I believe is still true. In December 2021, a source sent me the very first footage and images of the new DMZ map, which has small icons for objectives.

I was able to verify the video and footage with other sources, who said the footage was from the DMZ. Almost six months later, a newly acquired source sent me the Warzone 2 map, which is identical to the DMZ map.

For me at least, this confirms that Warzone 2 and the DMZ will share the same map, with each mode having a different gameplay loop. I’ve also reported in the past that the DMZ has been in development for several years and that the map itself was designed with both the DMZ and Warzone 2 in mind.

If you don’t know what the DMZ will be, this is Modern Warfare 2’s third game mode that will be Call of Duty’s take on an extraction-based game mode. Players will fight against other players and the AI ​​as they attempt to complete objectives, loot, and mine.

Modern Warfare 2 is set to release later this year, with a trailer reveal date of June 8.

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