Dead By Daylight Dev Announces Dating Sim Spinoff, Gives Slayers Incredible Splinters

Dead By Daylight Dev Announces Dating Sim Spinoff, Gives Slayers Incredible Splinters
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Promotional artwork for Hooked On You featuring killers from Dead By Daylight frolicking on the beach.

Come in, the water is good.
Picture: Interactive Behavior

The ever-changing 2022 bingo card got even more unpredictable yesterday when Behavior Interactive, the developer behind the popular asymmetrical multiplayer horror game dead in broad daylight, revealed it’s making a spin-off game where you can romance your favorite Dead in broad daylight killers.

Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim, is an upcoming dating sim that finally lets you snuggle up and romance Dead in broad daylightmurder husbands and waifus, become platonic friends, or suffer the unyielding fate of deadly, awkward silences. The game has several “unique endings” in which, if you play your cards right, you’ll discover “deeply intimate” facets of the Dead in broad daylight hard-to-read killer personalities.

How did this little dating sim come about? A representative from Behavior Interactive said Kotaku that Dead in broad daylight conducted a community survey last year asking gamers if there was any other type of gaming experience they were interested in. It turns out that the DbD Fandom’s top pick was a dating sim.

“Because this is so completely insane and insane, we thought we had to do this immediately,” the rep said. Kotaku, noting the funny looks and laughs the idea garnered in meetings before stopping and realizing it was “actually, genius”.

“We’ve known for years of our fans’ thirst and some of the more intense fanfic that was created. We want to give them what they want but we also need to present this the right way, with all the seriousness it deserves,” the spokesperson said before noting that the dating sim is being developed in collaboration with Psyop, the folks who brought us the KFC dating sim I love you, Colonel Sanders!

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for: eligible killers in Addicted to you. The first is Evan MacMillan, also known as the trapper. You should call him the Thirst Trapper because he’s standing tall in a form-fitting bathing suit that leaves nothing to the imagination in his Addicted to you iteration. It’s a “fab five”-upgraded from the bloody disgusting overalls he’s swinging in Dead in broad daylight. Do you know what we call that? Growth. Ignore the red stuff on his hands, he was clearly busting berries before your seaside picnic date.

The next step is the absolute beefcake the huntress. I don’t have a witty remark on deck for her because I’m twittering by her herculean biceps, though I did notice she has berries smeared on her bunny mask as well. I guess great minds think the same way. The second DbD bachelor is the Nigerian dreamboat, Philip Ojomo, aka Spectrum. He’s wearing a matching Hawaiian button-down shirt and a bathing suit that I’m 90% sure he bought at The Gap. I’m preemptively deducting points for The Wraith’s basic fashion sense, despite having a winning smile. Last but not least we have the ever elusive MindRin Yamaoka, sporting an elegant silk kimono and an elegant black sun hat adorned with a red spider lily symbolizing the “final farewell” of your single life.

When asked if Addicted to you may have more romance characters in the future, the spokesperson said, “A lot of our fans have their favorite character and they’re really looking forward to spending some special time with them. We get it. And although it’s is the first visual novel of the Dead in broad daylight universe, I feel like this is definitely not the last time we’ll be telling these kinds of stories. We’ve opened a box here that our fans will never let us close again. Not that we would anyway.

Personally, I jockey for a possible Addicted to you/silent Hill crossover with a thic Pyramid Head model cradling a Virgin Killer sweater. It’s not like Konami is doing anything with it. It’s what he deserves.

Addicted to you should be released this summer on Steam.

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