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Apple heavily featured CarPlay during this year’s WWDC keynote. Several changes are planned, some imminent and others to come. Here’s what’s new in CarPlay and what we’ll actually see in iOS 16.

So far, Apple has only released an early developer beta of iOS16. Therefore, some features may change by the final release and some features may be added.

Take Maps for example. Apple has touted a big update that will enable multi-stop routes. You can plan a trip from your home, to a gas station, to a friend’s house, to a cafe, to a final destination.

These routes can be created on your Mac with macOS Ventura before being sent to your iPhone. In this first beta, CarPlay does not support turn-by-turn directions for these routes. Hopefully this will be included with the full release in fall 2022.

Improvements to existing apps

With iOS 16, Apple has made improvements to existing CarPlay apps. With Messaging, Siri is now able to automatically send a message after it has been read back to you.

With iOS 15, Siri would need an affirmative confirmation before sending a message, which can slow down the process. As long as the message is correct, it will send it without your intervention. If the message needs to be edited, an “edit” button is always visible on the CarPlay interface.

Updated Podcast Library in iOS 16 CarPlay

The Podcasts app is also getting a big overhaul with iOS 16. It was extremely limited before, unable to bring up recent episodes. Apple added a new library with this update, making it easier for you to find saved episodes as well as the latest episodes of any show you follow.

New app categories

Occasionally, Apple adds new categories of supported applications for CarPlay. Typically, CarPlay apps will be navigation or audio apps with only a limited number of other categories available to display in the interface. The iOS 16 update supports two new types of apps.

Refueling and driving tasks are compatible with iOS 16, although you’ll have to wait for the developers to deliver this update later this year. Refueling apps are self-explanatory and include any that can help you find gas stations or lower gas prices.

The driving task apps are a bit broader. Any apps that help with in-vehicle tasks can be included, such as those that provide toll rates/routes, traffic information, or towing assistance.

A whole new CarPlay experience

Most users are excited about the brand new CarPlay experience that Apple previewed at the event. Unfortunately, it’s not for soon.

The future of CarPlay

The future of CarPlay

Starting with vehicles to be announced in late 2023, CarPlay will exist on all your car screens. It is currently limited to your main center console display and navigation guidance in the middle of your instrument cluster. The CarPlay of the future will fully take over all screens, including additional dashboard screens.

CarPlay in the instrument cluster

CarPlay in the instrument cluster

The instrument cluster is full of customization with many fonts, themes, colors and layouts to choose from. While maintaining required information such as speed, range, fuel levels, RPMs, etc. It’s a level of customization we don’t often see from Apple.

CarPlay widgets

CarPlay widgets

Large screens or wide screens will house widgets. Apple offers default widgets for your calendar, weather, audio playback, time, travel info, and home controls. This too is customizable.

We’re excited to be able to control your vehicle’s systems directly from the CarPlay interface. You’ll no longer need to leave CarPlay to adjust your car’s climate control, heat the steering wheel, turn on your seat vents or tune the radio.

It’s a huge departure and is what is most likely to give automakers pause. By handing over the entire vehicle to CarPlay, they are not highlighting their systems.

CarPlay in iOS 16

Apple says the vehicles will be announced in late 2023, which means we won’t see this in the wild until 2024. At WWDC, Apple announced commitments from several major manufacturers to adopt this updated version of CarPlay.

Ford, Acura, Honda, Volvo, Land Rover, Nissan and others have been included in this list. That said, how many vehicles and how much support remains to be seen.

Coming soon

At the moment, iOS 16 is currently in developer beta. A public beta is expected to be released in July before a full release this fall. Stay tuned AppleInsider as we cycle through more features for Apple’s upcoming software updates.

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