No one likes to admit they snore, so how can they ask for help? This is the best article for anyone who wants to stop snoring!

Stay away from cigarettes if you tend to snore. Smoking irritates tissues in your throat, which can cause them to become swollen. Swelling in the throat is a leading cause of snoring.

To help ease your snoring, try falling asleep with your head in a slightly raised position. The easiest way to elevate your head is to use a thick pillow. If you are not comfortable, try using a couple of pillows. This puts your head at a more natural angle, which keeps air flowing through your nasal passages and reduces snoring.

Your odds of snoring go up considerably if you have allergies or similar issues that cause nasal congestion. Congestion causes nasal passages and airways to become constricted, which can block air and result in snoring. One option is to take a decongestant before your bedtime; however, you should only use products that are formulated for nighttime use. Otherwise, it may be difficult to fall asleep.

A firmer pillow may also help reduce snoring. A soft pillow can cause the muscles in your throat to relax too much and make your throat and nose pathways narrower. You may begin to snore because air cannot pass through the passages freely. A firmer pillow will help to keep your air passages fully open.

Go to the closest pharmacy and ask for an anti-snoring remedy you can get over the counter. There are also some prescriptions that you can get from your doctor, though if an over-the-counter medication works, you will probably save money going that route. These types of medications work by reducing the swelling, and any other factors that may make your air passages narrow.

Avoid drinking alcohol if you snore. On top of this, you should stay away from antihistamines, sleeping pills and any type of tranquilizer right before you go to bed. The reason this happens is because these tend to relax your muscles, limiting your air passage in your throat, and therefore increasing snoring.

When you want to keep yourself from snoring at night, consider sleeping on one side. If you lay on your back, you have a greater chance of snoring. Sleeping while laying on your stomach creates stress in your back and neck. Sleeping on the side is the best position if you tend to snore.

One interesting way to help relieve snoring is by singing loudly. One doctor has suggested that singing can help reduce snoring, because singing builds muscle in the throat and soft palate. By toning these muscles, you can prevent some of the narrowing of the muscles, and stop snoring from disturbing your sleep.

An excellent method of reducing your snoring is to lose some weight. When you store excess fat in your neck area, it increases the pressure your airway is experiencing. Your throat will collapse overnight, causing you to snore and choke. As well as being good for your overall health, dropping the excess pounds can really help to reduce your snoring.

Hopefully this article has shed some light on your snoring problem. Just remember to apply all that you learn from this article, and you should see a difference in your snoring in no time.

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